About us

Matcha in a stone bowl

Our Story

Tea-Whisk Inc is established to introduce the beauty of Japanese Tea Ceremony to all over the world through New York.


At first, you may feel that you do not know exactly what the tea ceremony is because it includes various fields of art, such as calligraphy, flowers, incense, ceramics, lacquer ware, iron work, wood work, architecture, gardening, kimono, Japanese kaiseki meals and so on. In the course of time, you will discover new things and grow day by day. It is like a process of creating a sculpture as if you would cut down the excessive and find out the heart of the tea ceremony.


Something invisible and precious, sensing further spiritual growth of yourself through Japanese Tea Ceremony.


We would love to share a bowl of tea with you in New York City.

Our Tea Master

Souheki Mori was born in Chiba, Japan. She studied under the Japan Association of the Tea Ceremony and was certified as a Japanese tea ceremony master in 2003, and holds the title of Jufuku-an. She established Tea-Whisk Inc in New York to introduce the beauty of the Japanese Tea Ceremony with Junya Mori. Mr. and Mrs. Mori believe that within the tea ceremony is a force invisible and precious, and that one can achieve spiritual growth through practicing tea. They have hosted tea ceremony at numerous places, such as The American Museum of Natural History, Japan week NYC, Harney & Sons, Japanese sushi kaiseki restaurant KOSAKA and many others around Tri State.

Our Purpose

We introduce the beauty of the tea ceremony to the people around the world.



We invite you to a space where people can relax completely and become themselves, being separated from busy daily life.


Our Philosophy

We regard tea gathering as a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence and hold tea ceremonies for everyone to appreciate the moment we spend together.



We break the wall of the tea ceremony that people generally feel as much as possible and pursue high standard of the beauty.



We make every effort to arrange accessible tea utensils with a wide variety of rustic styles.



We create a space that is pure and equal to everybody filled with love and value the importance of communication.