Special Workshop

 We are happy to announce that we will hold the special cultural events of Arts of Ishikawa prefecture, Japan on November 11th, 13th, and 14th, 2016 at three locations; Harney & Sons SoHo, Kosaka, and Rutgers University.

The program introduces traditional art, craft, and the latest products from Kanazawa while offering a special traditional handcraft experience. Kanazawa was registered as a UNESCO 'Creative City of Crafts and Folk Art'. Tea-Whisk is proud to assist with gaining exposure for Kanazawa Group in expanding their products. Please welcome them and join us. You will feel authentic Japanese culture!

Profile of Artisans from Ishikawa, Japan

Hiromi Onuma / hiro, co. ltd,

hiro, co. ltd is a sewing company established in Kanazawa, Japan that has more than 80 years old history. Hiro produces clothes or manufacturers of other garments. Hiro developed original sewing set with kutani ware that grows in popularity in Milano, Paris and Tokyo.

Ms. Hiromi Onuma will show us how to make a drawstring bag by kimono fabrics.

Toshiharu Hisatsune

Kaga Yuzen Artist, Hisatsune Yuzen

Mr. Toshiharu Hisatsune has 43 years experiences as Kaga Yuzen artist in Ishikawa prefecture, Japan. He established his own studio “Yuzen Kuhkan Hisatsune Studio” in 1987. He created ornaments for betrothal gifts of Imperial family of Japan. He won many awards and recognitions to introduce the tradition of Yuzen technique and invents new way of the beauty of Yuzen we could enjoy in our modern lives. You will learn history and technique of Kaga-yuzen dyeing.

Yoshinori Shibayama

gold-inlaid lacquer ware artist

Mr. Yoshinori Shibayama has 25 years experiences as lacquer artist in Ishikawa prefecture, Japan. He held workshop at Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the U.K. in 2011 and performed workshop for the Imperial Family of Japan in 2015.

Chinkin is the technique, the lacquer ware surface is carved and gold and silver is inlayed in the depression. We will learn what chinkin is and how to make it.

Takafuji Dance Company

Mariko Takafuji, Ukon Takafuji, Sakon Takafuji, and Banlee

The Takafuji Ryu (school of Japanese dance) was founded by Grand Master Mariko Takafuji in 1987 in Kanazawa, Japan. Her sons, Ukon and Sakon, have trained with her since childhood. This school of dance performs Sosaku Nihon Buyo, a creative style of traditional Japanese dance.

The Takafujis have performed traditional dance and creative dance dramas all over Japan, including at famous cultural heritage sites such as Nijo Castle, Daitokuji and Kodaiji. The dance dramas are based on both Japanese history and traditional legends. They have also traveled abroad extensively (US, Taiwan, China, Austria, Australia, etc) to share their creative style of Japanese traditional dance.